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Cork PURE 4 mm Glue Down Cork Flooring - Originals Accent

Prefinished Glue Down Cork Flooring
Traditional Glue Down Solution
XTRAMATT+ High Resistance Acrylic UV Finish
12" x 24" (5/32" or 4 mm thick)


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Free shipping on orders of cork flooring of 250 square feet or more!

Cork PURE - Traditional Glue Down Cork Flooring

A High Performance Surface Finish + Glue Down Installation

The Cork PURE line features the XTRAMATT+ surface finish, an eco-friendly Acrylic UV finish that is perfect for high-traffic areas of your home, or those rooms where more dirt is tracked in - think entryways and mudrooms, or hallways off the front and back doors. Glue-down cork tiles are also ideal for potentially wetter areas like bathrooms with showers, kitchens, or laundry rooms. No need to apply additional finish!

The Pure line is a traditional glue-down cork flooring solution that features Amorim's unique multilayer structure - two layers of solid cork and a protective surface layer. Their state-of-the-art Corktech technology combined with the natural properties of cork provides you with all the benefits that distinguish their products such as walking comfort, step sound reduction, and impact resistance.

With Amorim's Cork PURE line, you'll find a glue-down cork floor created for those who require a protective surface with exceptional strength and durability for high-traffic areas in the home.


  • XTRAMATT+ Surface Finish ensures exceptional strength and longevity
  • Dimensions: 12" x 24" Planks | 5/32" (4 mm) thickness | 21.31 SF/carton
  • Glue Down Installation
  • No more refinishing like urethane-finished cork floors
  • Exterior Edges sealed to protect against moisture
  • Integrated insulating cork underlay
  • Suitable for all areas in your home including the kitchen, bathroom, laundry rooms, family room, mudroom, entry-ways, and hallways

Healthy, Low Maintenance Protective Finish

The Cork PURE line is prefinished with a non-toxic, low-maintenance XTRAMATT+ High Resistance Acrylic UV finish based on a ceramic compound. No more refinishing like urethane-finished cork floors! It provides the floor with a ZERO-VOC resistance without harmful additives that fit the most demanding needs of your home as well as commercial areas with moderate traffic.

The eco-friendly finish carries a 10-year residential warranty and a 10-year commercial warranty.

Plus, Amorim's cork flooring products are certified under several strict indoor air quality programs such as Greenguard GOLD certification. The certification ensures low chemical emissions in products that are acceptable for use in sensitive environments like schools and healthcare facilities.

Glue Down Floor Installation

Cork PURE Glue Down Cork tiles can be installed on concrete or wooden subfloors. Glue-down flooring tiles require the use of a water-based contact adhesive that's applied to both the cork tile and the subfloor. Prior to installation, store cork planks at room temperature for at least 48 hours in their packaging.

DOWNLOAD INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS or view our Glue Down cork flooring installation video below.

Corktech Benefits - Natural Comfort and Durability

Amorim's Corktech technology combined with the unique natural properties of cork, provides a higher standard of flooring. It's really the perfect match between beauty, comfort, and durability.

Corktech uses a multilayer structure that starts with a compressed (or agglomerated) cork layer that provides superior comfort, step sound reduction, and warmth.  The cork veneer, or decorative cork layer, is created by combining various shapes of natural cork to achieve a pattern full of personality. The cork veneer is available in a variety of colors and patterns and is protected by a highly resistant finish.

Corktech uses an engineered multilayer construction that starts with an integrated cork underlay, layered by a high-density fiberboard (HDF), followed by a quality core layer of cork, then a cork veneer layer, and finally a protective surface.

Cork PURE Benefits - Cork is Comfort
A cork floor with the Corktech technology features the following benefits: SILENCE - Cork's natural properties make it an excellent sound absorber. Noise transmission between and within rooms is reduced by up to 53%. OPTIMAL TEMPERATURE - The unique thermal insulation features of cork provide an optimal floor temperature all year round, assuring a more warm and comfortable environment with energy cost savings. WALKING COMFORT - Cork floors are very comfortable to walk on due to cork's natural and inherent flexibility. Softer than wood, yet harder than carpet, cork offers the perfect mix to absorb heel strike impacts, relieving leg and back stress. IMPACT RESISTANCE - Cork floors have the ability to bounce back from hard impacts due to its elasticity and compressibility, which makes them durable and increases the life span of the floor.

Why Cork?


Cork flooring is an incredibly sustainable product. Cork floors are the result of a circular economy model that turns production waste from the cork-stopper industry into valuable and sustainable flooring products.


Cork is a natural raw material that comes from the bark of the cork oak tree. It's harvested by hand when the tree is 25 years old and every 9 years from then on. No cork trees are damaged or cut during harvesting and the bark regenerates itself after each extraction, making it a near-perfect example of a renewable resource. Cork is also biodegradable and recyclable.

Cork has been used as flooring in buildings like the Harvard Law Library and the Library of Congress due to its durability. It resists cracking & scuff marks and is airtight to gas and liquid, yet still breathable. When properly maintained, cork flooring can last 40 years or more! Cork (or more accurately, bark) harvesting is an eco-friendly process that's done without cutting down or destroying a single tree. And there are strict time limits on the extraction period. During its long lifetime - upwards of 200 years - the tree is continually regenerating bark, which makes the cork forest industry an ideal example of renewable production. Cork is also a natural fire retardant thanks to its unique cell structure and waxy, fire-resistant substance called suberin. It gives a very low conductivity to heat. And it burns without a flame and does not emit toxic gases during combustion. Cork is a great option for allergy sufferers because it's naturally mold and mildew resistant due to the waxy substance inherent in cork.  AND it's anti-microbial.  Cork is a healthy alternative to dust and allergen-collecting carpets.

Why Amorim Glue Down Cork Flooring?


Amorim's cork flooring products are certified under several strict indoor air quality programs that ensure that no harmful particles are present in their flooring products:

Greenguard North-American certification identifies products that have low chemical emissions, improving the air in which they are used. Wicanders flooring products are awarded the GOLD certification, a stricter criteria that ensures that a product is acceptable for sensitive individuals for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities. TÜV-PROFiCERT is a transnational certificate for VOC emission and air quality, certifying that a product complies with various rigorous national regulations such as Germany's AgBB, Belgian VOC regulation, Finnish M1, BREEAM, LEED v4 (outside North America), RAL-UZ 120 and Austrian Eco Label (Guideline UZ 56).In 2018, Wicanders became the first flooring brand to achieve TÜV certification at its highest level - Premium. French certification that classifies products according to VOC emissions. Wicanders products have been classified at the highest level - A+.


Respect for nature is at the core of Amorim's cork flooring products. They make sure that their processes and products reflect the highest standards in environmental protection and performance:

EPD Environmental Product Declaration is a third-party independent evaluation that reports environmental data of products based on their life cycle assessment. A product with an EPD guarantees to the consumers that it respects environmental standards Blue Angel is Germany's best known and the world's first environmental label. It's a voluntary certification that follows rigorous environmental standards and is renowned as a reference guide for a more sustainable way of living.

Cork PURE Flooring Installation and Maintenance

How to Install your Cork PURE Glue Down Flooring

DOWNLOAD INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS and view our PURE Glue Down cork flooring installation video below.

How to Maintain Your Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is a cinch to maintain. Simply sweep up any debris or loose dirt before wiping the floor with a damp (not soaking wet) mop or use a vacuum cleaner. For general spills, a damp mop will do the trick. For deep cleaning, use a mild pH-neutral cleaner. 


How to Repair Your Glue Down Cork Floor

You can repair the floor by removing only the damaged plank.

DOWNLOAD THE REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS for glue down cork flooring


Cork Pure Traditional Glue Down Floor
11 5/8"
23 5/8"
5/32” (4 mm)
Sq Ft per Box
21.31 SF / BOX
XTRAMATT High Performance Finish
Engineered Multilayer Construction
Square (no bevel)
Installation Method
Glue Down Installation
10 Year Residential Warranty
10 Year Commecial Warranty
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